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Born in Coventry, England, Tim was classically trained in piano from an early age and began playing guitar in rock bands in his late teens.  The bands performed both cover songs and originals in pubs around the town of Rugby.  An encounter with the Living God in the mid ‘80s changed the course of Tim’s life and led to a desire to write and produce songs that would honour God.   

Tim moved to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1990 and has served as musician, Music Director and worship leader at his home church (although he considers the Holy Spirit to be the real Worship Leader).  He has written many praise and worship songs, all of which have been born out of intimate times of worship.  

He has released three CDs: "Your Ways are Higher" (2001), “Arms of Love” (2003) and “Captain of my Heart”(2007). Both rock and acoustic, the songs combine openly biblical lyrics with accessible melodies and rich harmonies.  Coupled with Tim’s unusual, distinctive lead guitar sound, gentle vocals and free flowing piano playing they have found appeal to an uncommonly wide age range of people.  Independently released, some of these songs have been sung in churches as far afield as the Philippines, Europe and Africa.  

Tim is also a part of the 7-piece band "Tim Cooper & Friends" (TCF) which  takes these songs into venues beyond the walls of the church.  After playing together for many years, the band attributes the inter-generational appeal of the music to the relevance to all ages of the message of hope and life contained in the scriptural lyrics.

Tim has been married to his wife, Jody, for 20 years. They have two children.

He still serves on the music team at his home church and also is privileged to visit other churches: sharing his songs, leading worship or working with the resident musicians.  He also has a gift for teaching the Word of God and is passionate that modern worship songs not just express the desires of the worshiper’s heart, but also the doctrine and revelation of the Bible.