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Hippo Studio

Set-up as a project studio for the purpose of recording Tim’s songs, Hippo Studio has upgraded and expanded over the years with each CD release.  The gear has also been used for remote and studio recordings for the Joshua Project’s praise and worship CD ”Heaven is Knocking “ as well as a 16 channel remote recording of Michelle Hoy and her band live at the Iowa State Fair in 2008.   Mixdowns are handled in the studio and then Mastering is handled offsite.   


Tim normally handles production and mixing duties with occasional help from Doug Hanson on editing and engineering.  Both have been involved in recording from the Fostex and Tascam PortaStudio days of the ‘80s, up to the digital system that Hippo Studio now contains.  They also have years of experience in corporate audio visual production, including technician work and consulting for live concerts as well as for worship teams.   


While the tools are more cutting edge and technology is definitely taken advantage of to achieve the multi-layered results, the goal is still to use real musicians playing music as an offering to the Living God.  Tim has been fortunate to have had many musical friends donate their gifts and time.